Tehran Province: Supporting infrastructure / emergency projects in Tehran Province requires the jihadist work of managers

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  • تاریخ خبر:يکشنبه 3 بهمن 1400 - 16:43

The governor of Tehran, referring to the digging of the Islamshahr metro, said: "Extraordinary work in Tehran province requires the jihadist work of managers."

According to the information base of Tehran governorate; Mohsen Mansouri in the ceremony of starting the executive operation of Namaz Square subway in Islamshahr, while thanking the efforts and follow-ups of the executive body of the government and urban management of Islamshahr city, said: God's tradition is that if a group is in the form of a single iodine, God will help.

He added: "The general situation of the resources of Tehran province and the country is clear and the country is in a state of sanctions and coronation, but the jihadist view of the managers is untied in difficult conditions and we in the province support infrastructure projects."

The governor of Tehran stated: In the past two weeks, we had meetings in the presidential institution to allocate resources and budget for the president's visit to Tehran province, which, God willing, will be operational after the president's visit to Tehran.